How to join

If you’re interested in membership, please note the following guidelines:

Riding skills: You’re an experienced rider, you’ve owned a motorcycle (or more) for a few years and ride regularly on a variety of roads (urban, open, mountain). You have experience in different kinds of weather and you are able to adapt quickly to a new bike (as you’ll be more likely to rent locally than ship your own motorcycle). Riding experience on a track is a plus.

Ride fee: Instead of an annual membership fee, we charge a ride fee that applies specifically to the ride you will be joining. This fee allows us to spread the trip expenses across participants, while maintaining competitively priced rides.

What’s included in the ride fee? A chase-van with a dedicated driver carrying all luggage at the end of the convoy which also allows it to provide assistance to riders and their motorcycles.
Up to two road-captains, local members of the MC, leading the group so that everyone else can immerse themselves in the ride and relaxation.
A complete logistics package will be distributed well in advance of the ride. This includes route information, hotel pre-reservations and motorcycle rentals with established partners. Please note:

While we plan and prepare all logistics, as we are not a travel agency, you will need to make the final reservations yourself. You will receive complete information to make this a hassle-free process.
What’s not included in the ride fee? Motorcycle rental or freight for your own bike, transportation to and from ride location, hotels, food, fuel, travel insurance and any other incidental expenses.