How does it work? is many things but it is not a travel agency. Unlike companies that mix tourism and motorcycle rides by offering to take you on a tour, accompanied or not, our approach is totally different. Exclusively reserved for club members, our rides are private, built around riding, and maintain an atmosphere of riding among friends. We take care of all aspects of preparation and logistics, enabling the riders to focus on what’s important – the road in front of them.

In addition to the ride itself, riders enjoy a rich camaraderie within a supportive group dynamic. Over the first few days, as the group adapts to the roads, riding styles and techniques improve – the most experienced riders advise less experienced riders and solidarity unites a group of grown-up kids eager to play and ride all day long on what feels like a track with endless curves and smooth yet grippy tarmac.

At the end of each day, all riders spend a well-deserved night in boutique hotels enjoying fine local cuisine and wine, giving everyone the evening to relax and socialise, review the day’s ride and discuss the next day’s route.

Riding groups are limited to 10 bikes (plus the road captains), daily mileage is between 150 and 200 miles with 6+ hours of riding per day and no days off. Who needs a day off when you’re having this much fun?

Up to two local members will act as road captains and lead the group; we always provide a chase-van so riders and their bikes are unencumbered by luggage. The van can also load up to two bikes and their riders if need be.